Although data is essential to learn users’ behaviours and preferences, so advertisers can send ads that are more likely to be clicked. As a makeup lover/user/buyer, I get a lot of advertisements about Sephora or makeup brands, reminding me that I need new products. Also, every time I go into the Sephora app and start looking for products without buying. I get an e-mail ten minutes later about that same product reminding me why I should get it. It happens with Amazon as well, now I get a lot of e-mails with personalized products that I might like to buy.

Personally, I am concerned about how my data is gathered and all the information that Google has about me. As Suzanne Norman tells us her story in Trying not to Drop Breadcrumbs in Amazon’s store, and I feel identified, it does not matter what platform we use or where we go, our data is gathered. And sadly, it does not matter how hard we try to minimize our breadcrumbs, websites always find a way to collect our information. Personally, I find annoying that all the sites that I visit decide that it is imperative to know about users, so we can get more personalized advertisement. And it is infuriating that we as consumers do not have an opinion on this matter, the only option left to have privacy is to stop using the Internet. Still, unfortunately, it is not as simple to cut connections but the online world.

Personally, I have given up about this, I just use AdBlockers in that matter, and I know that I hurt a lot of small websites/companies. Still, it feels like they are invading my privacy and using information about me to offer personalized products. Although I am cautious with certain information, especially bank accounts, where I try to use the Incognito Window. And I feel like I should start using it as my best option while I navigate through the Internet.

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