This topic is a little bit sensitive to me. There is a lot of hate on the Internet and a lot of trolls, and I kind of worry about this, especially after I get more content and more visibility. I am planning to put out a more sensitive type of content out, especially for storytime. I know that I am going to encourage hate because I am going to criticize influencers.

I guess my theme have pre-setting about the comments section because I don’t remember touching anything. But my comments are moderated and then published. Although I want to remove it someday and see what happens.

As per the reading, The Psychology of Online Comments, it points out some of my fears. Such as anonymity, that is the reason that is required to at least add an email account if you want to comment. Another concern is the responsibility that I have as an admin to moderate and eliminate hate comments, violating freedom of speech. And lastly, removing the comments on a specific post will decrease the engagement within those posts.

To be honest, I am just going to remove the restrictions and see what happens, if its too much hatred I will remove it; if not, I will leave it on.

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