I remember that transmedia is a topic within CMNS studies too, we learnt that the more visibility a corporation had, the better. And then, we started talking about Disney for example, they have access to different channels, such as the typical movies, TV shows, videogames, websites, merchandise, etc; they built an empire around their name and they understand the importance of being visible in any media.

Take for example Pokemon as well, when I read Pokemon as Transmedia Storytelling, I couldn’t stop thinking of all the resources that they have available, I mean videogames, fan-created content, mangas, comics, anime, movies, card, figurines and whatever else they have under that empire. And I couldn’t stop thinking how successful they were, I mean, I am 22 years old now, and I wanted to get the new game that they released in the Nintendo Switch. And all the Pokemon merchandise that is available.

And that has become the role business of any company, to be visible EVERYWHERE.

For something in our level, I will say that it is important to link different social media, for instance, I have available my Instagram and I created a Facebook group too. I was thinking about creating a YouTube channel as well, but that is something in the near future. Now I try to spam my website whenever I can.

I have chosen this method because they are free and there are a lot of active users, so I want to take advantage of the existing market.

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