Featured image retrieved from London Loves Beauty. Featured product The Silk Canvas Protective Primer from Tatcha.

Why is primer important? Well, it preps your face for foundation, and it protects your face from it. As I was mentioning before, to choose the right primer, we must accustom it to our necessities. For example, my main concern in my face is oil production and large pores; and I want a primer that hydrates me but diminished my flaws, so my foundation looks smooth and doesn’t enlarge imperfections. Some other people may have a problem with dry skin, so they look for primers that will keep their face hydrated. The key is just to pay attention to our face necessities.

I will use my face as an example of what I am talking about, I have combination skin (oily and dry) with acne and big pores, when I apply foundation as it is, the foundation sinks into my pores, and it doesn’t sit properly on top of my acne. Also, if I don’t apply any primer, my skin will break out, and I will get more pimples. To avoid all those problems, I use a primer that fills my pores but also hydrates it. Currently, I’m using Tatcha “Silk Canvas Protective Primer” This is on the expensive side, but I love how my foundation looks on top of it.

A good example of why a prier is important in our makeup routine.

Nowadays, we have options, a lot of options everywhere, we have high high-end, drug stores and indies. Now, price does not determine the quality of a product; the ingredients do. Although I will try to be careful before buying any product. First, investigate the brand/company and check for their customers. Also, don’t forget to check reviews, they are essential. Now that you made up your mind, I will try to get samples, Sephora offers samples of their products. Also, if you decide to buy something, but it doesn’t work for you, they have a 30-day return policy; you will get your money back.

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