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Here we are going to talk about concealer and powder, the last section for faceology.

Concealer is used to conceal :D, okay. Concealer is not only used to cover our eyes bags and our dark eyes, but concealer can be used to highlight as well. When I use concealer, I like to use two to three lighter tones than mine so that I can brighten my undereye area. Also, I use a little bit of concealer when I clean my eyebrows, so I can brighten that area and make my eyebrows look sharper. I used to highlight and conceal my cheeks after contouring. Also, to contour my nose as well. 

There arent many options for concealer, just the shade and where do you want to buy it. Other than that, I believe the concealer information is covered.

Setting powder this a step that I feel is essential because it sets all the cream into place, thus looking cakey. The job of the powder is to lock the products underneath; it extends the duration of the foundation and concealer, and it helps to avoid products to sit on the fines lines. Another benefit that setting powders have is that they can absorb oil too, thus creating a dewy and soft finish. 

Cakey concealer creasing.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keNVcQumICc (Quick tutorial)

Although I recommend using a setting powder after applying foundation and concealer, sometimes we don’t need as much. On hotter days, you want to set your makeup with extra powder; if not, the foundation will melt faster, so we have to reapply foundation. Also, it is not suitable for the skin, oil, makeup and sweat is not a good combo. For colder days, we don’t need a heavier hand, just enough to cover the whole face, just to set it. By the way, I like to apply the setting powder with one brush and then remove the extra with another brush. So I don’t keep adding more products, so I don’t look powdery. 

Another application technique that I use, which we call baking. I apply setting powder with a damp sponge or a fluffy brush on top of the concealer; that I previously apply underneath my eyes to the apple of my cheeks. Then let it sit for 10 minutes or so. Then wipe out the remaining of the powder. And we are good to go; this step creates a flawless finish, picture-perfect face. 

Before I forget, be careful, some powders leave a white/yellow remaining that is only visible when using flash. Unfortunately, I do not have knowledge on which powders leave this remaining colour; the best answer is to check reviews and do research. 

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