Well hello there, are you ready to start applying makeup, but you don’t know how to start? What products to use? Learn how to use brushes? How to apply it? Can I do an introduction only asking questions? Well, yes, I can. And don’t worry, I had the same problems too when I first started. It can be overwhelming, especially when you have to apply a lot of different steps. But I will try to make it concise and clear.

First, learn all the unique features of your face; feel where everything is. Learn where are your flaws. Your face is the canvas, you are the painter, the products are the paint, and the result will be your masterpiece.

I know, there are a lot of critiques toward makeup users, some of the common ones are, you look beautiful without it, you look like a clown, you shouldn’t wear any, makeup is only for people with low self-esteem. Let me tell you, stop listening to this; you have to do whatever makes you happy. Makeup should be an art form and inspiration. I got a lot of these comments when I first started, and I still do, but I found an audience that likes what I do, and I feel happy about it. Beauty should not be used to attack others and shouldn’t be used to put other people down. I believe that your business should not be other people’s business.

But the key is, be confident, love your face, love you.