This blog was created as a university project, and I had the time to invest in this website. After finishing my semester, I kinda gave up when I thought that my blog was not relevant at all. And I thought that I was going to use this website as part of my resume (with no updates since December, lol) and the experience I gained from managing a website, and the responsibility I held when I managed it. When you managed a website, one must be aware of the actions and consequences of the impact of the words that you have.
I have to say that the design of creating and managing a WordPress website is not as user friendly as I thought, but on July 9th of 2020, I figured out how to view comments (yay!), and upon reading a lot of comments, I saw a lot of heartwarming comments. And I thought to myself why did I abandon this website when I oath to inform people and share experiences, there is a lot to talk about, but little time to do so, but I feel like this blog could become a diary or a journal, especially during challenging times like we are living in, and I feel like sharing and talking to people can help improve my mental health, and I hope that people can join in with me. Now we do not need hate, we need compassion and love, and understanding other people.
So, from now on, I will try to keep it up at least once a week and keep having fun with writing and sharing experiences with you. I am pretty sure I have a lot to say and I hope you enjoy them and have fun with me.

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