This time I will review Emily’s Foodiful Land website. To start with, I like the aesthetics of the overall site. The harmony between the colours is excellent, the combination of pink and black, it is not heavy on the eyes, but it gives a nice touch of colour. Also, the menu is accessible, and it is well divided.

Although there are a couple of flaws that can be fixed, the first one that I have noticed are a couple of grammar errors. For example, on the menu, it spells restarants, and some of the posts have some grammatical errors as well. I recommend using programs that can help you with those little things. Currently, I am using Grammarly, and it does help a lot. 

I read that your site focuses on an audience that is interested in Korean restaurants and recipes, and you give recommendations of what places are great to dine in. You curate recipes that are easy to follow. Something I can recommend to get in a nearby future is an affiliation with the places that you mention in your site. Like Trevor Battye mentioned in the lecture, offer a reason for your audience to go into those restaurants, such as an affiliate program where you offer them coupons in exchange for views. Also, another affiliation for the ingredients. Like in the reading On Advertising, where Popova uses affiliate links to Amazon, so when reader access to those links and purchase something, you will get a certain percentage of their purchase.

Another little thing I have noticed, you need to organize more your menu. For example, the tab “restaurants” is empty, despite you having some posts/pages with restaurant content. Also, changing all the Posiel related content into the same category, so the menu does not look too busy, and then become a little bit more accessible to the readers.

Lastly, you look cute and adorable in your Instagram. Still, Instagram is the best channel to advertise your website and vice-versa. I would like to see more content on your Instagram about the places that you visit or photos of the recipes that you are talking about on your website. 

To summarize, the overall look of your website is excellent, the harmony of colours plays well. The post is easy to read, and the pictures are a beautiful element to add. To be honest, I love Korean food, websites like yours are helpful recommendations to find new places to eat, or if I feel a little adventurous, cook Korean food at my house. 

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