For this peer review, I will be looking into Eric’s movie blog, the blog at first glance the site looks minimalistic, which is great for a user interface, the website loads quickly, and the information is available within milliseconds. The website is simple, but it is easy to see what the overall topic of the page is. Clicking into the posts, the cover of the movies is a nice touch that helps the user to recognize it, or it helps them to be able to find the movie faster. Also, the summary is throughout and gives enough details but not enough to spam it.

I am not a movie person, but websites like this are helpful to find a new movie to watch. Although it will be helpful to be more visual in a website that talks about movies, use the front cover or use an iconic image/screenshot of the movie as a featured image, so it is easier to navigate through the movies to create another visual effect, also it will break down the monotone of the page itself. But I am not certain how is the theme structured, so it is hard to tell how it will look after becoming more visual. Probably Eric can play around and see the result. As Louder than Ten has mentioned, humans tend to approach more those websites with colourful visuals and decide to use the website based on the design rather than the content.

Also, it will help the user if we have more menus on the top. To divide the categories, as right now, it is not intuitive, and I have to scroll down to find the post. Probably create more menus such as movies summary, Posiel, character reviews and about. That will make the page more intuitive and faster to look for a certain post. I am not sure, but I can recommend adding a sub-menu under movie summaries that are categorized under genres.

Lastly, when clicking into any movie post, visually looks too crowded, to mouthful. It looks like a big block of letters, which some users can find a little overwhelming and eventually lost interest. Probably, I can suggest dividing the paragraphs like in the essay post or the review posts that facilitate the lecture, and it doesn’t feel overwhelming. It is important to use white space to create visual harmony. Although the white space and balance of the main page are good, space is used nicely and does not feel busy. Now the last thing to consider using an image as a header, about your favourite movie of the week or characters.

Overall, the information on the website is complete and engages with the public, this website is giving me something unique and enjoyable as per Louder than Ten refers to, this is not a “copycat”. The summary is well-done and encourages the user to explore new movies. The theme and colours are simple but work well together, although consider adding more visuals and change the design by adding more menus onto it.

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