For this first peer-review, I am going to be looking at Keveren’s website Soccer Photography.

Overall, I like how well constructed and organized his website is, it is easy to find the posts while being on the main page. Also, I find it convenient that the menu follows the user while scrolling down or up. The theme that is used is minimalist yet elegant, giving enough white space, being accessible for a quick scan. Also, all the posts are accompanied by a photo so, it provides a delicate balance between words and pictures.

While going through the posts themselves, I find them easy to read, yet engaging. Also, the content is long enough to be informative, and you can perceive the love and passion that he feels with soccer and photography. His website is unique and represents the passion of a lot of people, as the medium reading mentions, what you do on your website is powerful and inspired others to follow up. Even myself, I want to get a professional camera and start taking a lot of photos. The section where the pictures are posted, I can see that they are of high quality and represents the topic that Keveren is passionate about.

Despite that, I feel that are a couple of elements that may need a little bit of work. For example, it will be nice to see the logo on top of the website. With time, the logo will get lost, and it will be necessary to scroll down to find it.

Another element that can be improved is the overall description of the website, as the about page needs more information. Personally, I feel that it will be helpful to add more information about the content of the blog. Although I enjoy the third person style of the narration, it is easier to identify with Keveren and his passion.

I must add too, that on the main page, the last post does not have a photo that accompanies it. Like the rest of the posts, they have a picture that goes with them. But, probably he hasn’t got any time to finish it. But that is something to consider, to be consistent.

Lastly, in the photo section, it will be helpful if clicking on a picture, it can expand, as right now, there are too small. Maybe a little suggestion is to create different posts with each photo and a short description of it, instead of putting them in a post/page itself. Also, in the post “How I got Started in Soccer Photography“, the picture will look more beautiful if it’s centred.

Overall, Keveren is doing a great job with his blog. I can feel the passion and love that he feels for photography and soccer, and I look forward to keeping reading his blog.

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